About Us

Image New Zealand is an innovative service provider for mobile TV productions based in Auckland, New Zealand and we are your partner when it comes to the professional recording, television or social media broadcasting of sports events, concerts, conferences or entertainment formats. In the same way, you can count on our team in post-production.

Together we achieve a high-quality result.

We supply high-quality broadcast equipment, speciality cameras and production facilities for broadcasters, production companies and live-event organisers. We can also deliver crewed systems to any location in New Zealand.

Our ImageNZ Crew members are production professionals with many years of experience. We have friendly, solution-oriented crews on board who are highly flexible in their response to your needs and will ensure a pleasant and relaxed production atmosphere even during demanding live operations.

Image New Zealand Ltd.

   P.O. Box 255
   Waiuku 2341
   New Zealand

     +64 21 462 437